A dedication to Father’s Day and Autistic Pride

Father's Day & Autistic Day

On this special day, two celebrations unite,
Fathers’ Day and Autistic Pride shining bright.
A moment to honor fathers with hearts so wide,
Especially those that embrace their autistic child’s beautiful stride.
In the journey of fatherhood, they find strength anew,
Guiding their child with autism, hearts steadfast and true.
They celebrate their child’s unique gifts each day,
Unveiling the wonders of neurodiversity’s display.

They listen, learn, and understand,
Creating a world where acceptance takes a stand.
They cherish every milestone, both big and small,
With open hearts, they catch their child when they fall.

Fathers, you shine with a love so pure,
Nurturing your child’s spirit, secure.
To all the fathers, we raise our voices high,
Thank you for the love you radiate, reaching the sky.

On this special day, let our voices ring,
In celebration, joy, and love, we sing.
To fathers embracing their child’s unique art,
Happy Fathers’ Day and Autistic Pride, from the heart.


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